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Nkosana Mabuza

Lead: Project and Data Analysis lead

Nkosana has joined the team to lead the development of the Angalia Personal Risk Manager (PRM) software application development  project. Angalia, is the Swahili word for look, observe, watch.

This project will provide a vital resource to users in terms of situational awareness and risk mitigation for a host of topical scenarios, and will be developed by project teams in South Africa, the United States and Germany. Be on the lookout for the launch in Q2 of 2023. Nkosana is an entrepreneur with a knack forbuilding teams & taking businesses from idea to operation through implementation of systems & processes.With over 12 years in the IT industry, Nkosana started his career as a Business Analyst at Accenture where he was instrumental in implementing SAP systems for banks and other financial institutions. He later co-founded a software software company which focuses on building efficiency tools for software development teams. His experience spans from project management, operations, and business development for the company (which he has raised millions of rands for). Nkosana also has experience in data analysis. In 2020 when the world believed that there were no COVID cases in Africa, Nkosana took it upon himself to build a basic application that pulls various data to prove that the virus had hit our shores during 2019 December holidays, and using this data he was able to determine the rate at which the virus may be spreading and to estimate the number of people who may have been infected. The application won him a prize at the Business Intelligence Hackathon.

Nkosana Mabuza
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