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Dr. Ronald Martin Jr.


Lead: (Technical Director, USA) WASH and Water/Wastewater Process Engineering

Ron is an invaluable resource to any project team. Ron possesses a depth of knowledge in the fields of water and wastewater engineering, chemical engineering and process design, and is well versed in associated environmental policy and regulation at an international level. His research capability is par excellence. Ron has recently reviewed and designed processes for $200M upgrade of Nkana Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Copperbelt Province of Zambia to solve problems of surface water contamination from mining and for a rapidly increasing population.He also recently completed a Wastewater Management Feasibility Study for 66 bed hospital in South Sudan. Ron identified treatment processes and equipment for several South African drinking water utilities and wrote a Scoping Assessment Report for St. Vincent and the Grenadines water supply and sanitation resilience and sustainability project for recovery from volcanic eruption and future disasters.He has also drafted proposal for Scoping Studies on water integrity and corruption in the water sector.

Other key projects include: 

  • Provided Water Treatment Processes for Odor and Taste removal and control methods to reduce and eliminate odor/taste causing organisms from water supply for Lilongwe Water Board.

  • Provided process review and technical support on wastewater treatment and effluent recycle for golf resort in South Africa ($1M).

  • Identified, analyzed, and proposed most appropriate and sustainable treatment options for iron and manganese removal, sulfate reduction, limiting disinfection byproduct (DBP) formation, pH control, and pathogen and microbe destruction and removal.

  • Designed processes for chemical oxidation, disinfection, inline mixing, precipitation, coagulation/flocculation/settling, and lime softening.

Dr. Ronald Martin Jr.
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